What is a policy excess?

This is the first amount of any claim that you will have to pay. Your insurers will pay the balance.

What insurance covers are available?

As independent professional Insurance Brokers, we are able to help you cover the vast majority of risks associated with the running of your business and also associated personal risks too such as the insurance for your private house, family car(s) etc. There are some risks that are sometimes uninsurable but these tend to be risks that would be against public policy (i.e. criminal or fraudulent activity) or where the risk is so high that the cost of insuring it would be prohibitive. These are rare and at Walmsleys Commercial, we seek to endeavour to find a solution to even the biggest insurance problems.

Visit our Insurance glossary for the cover that are available.

What type of business do you cover?

We are able to provide insurance advice for all types of business and professions from sole traders to large Limited Companies. Whether you wish to insure a small shop or a large manufacturing or construction business, Walmsleys Commercial can look after all your insurance needs.

Which types of insurance cover are compulsory?

There are certain types of Insurance that have to be affected to comply with the law. Failure to comply is a criminal offence. The aim is to ensure that any injured party does not have to rely upon the defendant’s wealth to secure his compensation. The following types of insurance are compulsory:

  • Motor Insurance (Road Traffic Act 1988)
  • Employers Liability Insurance (Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969)
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (under the rules of certain professional institutions or regulatory bodies)
  • Statutory Inspection of certain items of plant
  • Obligations to insure may also arise under contracts as with the Joint Contract Tribunal

We will be able to ensure that all your insurance arrangements fully comply with the laws relating to your business.

Why do businesses need insurance?

Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism – you transfer the possibility of loss occurring to the insurer in return for the premium.

The majority of businesses will require some sort of business insurance and the type of cover you will require depends largely on the nature of your business and day-to-day activities involved.

Our experienced representatives will be able to discuss your individual requirements with you to ensure that we provide the best policy(s) to suit your business needs.