Professional Indemnity

A policy protecting ‘professionals’ against civil liability arising from a breach of professional duty subject to an annual aggregate limit. Insured’s own costs are covered in addition. Extensions include loss of documents cover.

Property Owners & Investors

Specialist policy aimed at Property owners &/or Investors. Cover is provided for buildings, contents of common parts, other contents, where needed, loss of rent and property owners liability. Insurers normally automatically provide additional covers to cater for the needs of property owners such as temporary alternative accommodation, damage to landscaped grounds and others.

Package policies – Shops, Offices, Surgeries, Hotels, Restaurants, Public Houses

Bespoke package policies catering for the needs of these businesses. As well as providing cover for your business assets such as buildings, contents and stock, the policy extends to automatically include additional covers for employers, public and products liability, business interruption, money, goods in transit and other covers specifically linked to the trade (i.e. Loss of Licence).

Motor Trade

A package policy to cover all the risks associated with businesses in the Motor Trade sector. Cover is available to insure your buildings, contents, tools, own and customer’s vehicles, business interruption, money and wrongful conversion, goods and vehicles in transit, employers and public liability including defective workmanship/service indemnity, engineering breakdown, statutory inspection and road risks. Please refer to our sister site for more information.

Motor Fleet

A multi vehicle policy covering 3 or more vehicles on the same policy. Open driving for all drivers is usually provided rather than named drivers although the policy can be done on a named driver basis if required for a reduced premium. Temporary additional vehicles can be included easily and all vehicles have full business use by all drivers if required. Please refer to our sister site for more information.

Marine Transit

Provides cover for loss of or damage to goods whilst in transit and in storage during the normal course of transit, including imports, exports, inland transits, loading and unloading, and returned goods on a worldwide basis. Goods can be raw materials and/or finished goods and claims are paid based on the value of the goods, rather than weight, subject to the policy limits specified.

Hauliers Liability

Covers liability for loss or damage to customers’ goods. Policies are rated on annual haulage charges. The rate varies according to the conditions of carriage.

Group Personal Accident &/or Business Travel

A group policy that can be taken out to cover death and other benefits for all or specific levels of employees. An accidents only policy pays lump sum benefits following permanent total or partial disablement, dismemberment or death caused by an accident and weekly benefits for temporary total disablement. Hazardous pursuits (e.g. mountaineering) are sometimes excluded but can usually be bought back. A weekly/monthly benefit can be added for total disablement through sickness – a personal accident and sickness policy. Similar cover is also available for business travel cover with optional additional benefits to cover medical expenses, cancellation and other travel risks. Business travel can be purchased as an additional section on a Group PA policy or in isolation.


Insurance of plant under one of four main headings: boilers and pressure plant; engine plant; electrical and mechanical plant; and lifting machinery. In addition statutory and non-statutory inspection services can be provided. The insurances cover self-damage, damage to surrounding property, third party risks and engineering interruption insurance. Also, cover can be provided for deterioration of stock, computer risks, contractors’ plant and machinery erection and other miscellaneous insurances. The principal risks against which insurance is sought are explosion and collapse, breakdown, sudden and unforeseen physical damage, fragmentation risk/fragmentation policy (impact damage cover) and extraneous causes.

Directors & Officers/Pension Trustees Liability/Employment Practice Liability

Covers directors, officers and any people in managerial or supervisory roles for losses arising from claims against them by reason of a wrongful act related to their duties. Wrongful Acts could be employment related, financial or statutory obligations – basically anything that you could get sued for as long as it is not in relation to a criminal act.