Warranties and Conditions Precedent to Liability

Your policies may contain Warranties and certain Conditions which determine whether cover would apply in the event of a claim.

Where a Warranty is included, any failure to comply fully will allow your insurers to repudiate any claim, irrespective of whether the incident was connected with the breach of compliance. For example, if you were in breach of a No Smoking Warranty and suffered a Storm Damage loss, then your insurers could repudiate the loss, despite the fact that the breach has had no effect on the claim.

If your policy contains a Condition precedent to Liability then insurers may only decline to pay a claim directly linked to your failure to comply with the Condition. For example, if the policy contains a Condition that a flat roof is to be inspected for defects on an annual basis and a Storm Damage loss occurred when the roof had not been checked then the claim could be declined.

Please contact us if there is anything unclear about the scope of your cover or your policy terms.